Going Green at Iskandar Puteri

If you love spending time surrounded by nature, you’re in luck because we’ve put together a list of all things green in Iskandar Puteri. From parks to fun workshops, there’s lots to do! Grab some friends and head to these spots to appreciate all Mother Nature has to offer.

Sireh Park 

Sireh Park is the largest public park in Malaysia, spanning 343 acres and is only one of the 46 parks in Iskandar Puteri. It’s a sustainable Heritage Park with lots to offer including activities you can enjoy with friends and family like trekking, mountain biking, boating, kayaking and even canoeing! Of course, you can opt to go for a run or a hike if you fancy solo exercising activities. The park also has a special jogging track with a hardened surface so you don’t have to go off-road. Head on over this weekend and check it out for yourself!

Heritage Forest

A 1km walk around Heritage Forest features a myriad of themed forests with its very own theme including Healing Forest, Flower Forest, Ethnobotanic Forest, Food Forest, and Spice Forest. Bring your sketchbook and colour pencils and sketch the exotic flowers and other plants you spot. It’s a great place to teach kids about nature too by showing them flowers that are used for incense and which plants and herbs are turned into medicine. Spend a day taking photographs of Whatever you choose to do here, you’ll leave feeling a whole lot more peaceful for sure. 

Edible Park

The Edible Park is just as its name suggests – an ‘edible landscape’ of fruit orchards, lime and coffee groves and designed gardens full of herbs, flowers, vegetables and unusual edible species to engage and inspire visitors. There are three main components to the park including a functioning urban farm, a farm to table cafe, and a studio space for workshops and presentations. The farm is where organic produce is grown, then made available to the local community via regular markets and a mobile greengrocer. Produce from the farm is also used for a ‘farm to table’ experience at the cafe which offers a ‘plant based’ menu. The studio here holds regular workshops teaching gardening skills, zero waste management, as well as talks and events related to sustainable living. 

EduCity Commons: School of Sustainability

The youth is very much involved in the sustainability initiatives of the city too! EduCity Commons is a student-led landscape comprising learning and recreational spaces geared towards empowering students. There are lots of interesting ecological talks and workshops held too like composting workshops and talks on plant care techniques. Overall, the School of Sustainability aims to inspire students to be responsible for their environment while promoting social behaviour. Through various initiatives like zero waste management and cultivating herb beds,  Educity Commons aims to inspire students to be responsible for their environment while promoting social behaviour.

At Iskandar Puteri, protecting and appreciating Mother Nature is a vital part of our sustainable city. We want to make the experience fun for everyone and inclusive too. Head on over to one of these spots and be a part of the good times!



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