10 Ways to Play Up Your Living Space

As we all get older, we slowly forget to play. Just compare our current bedrooms to that we had when we were 12, or 16 - our Hello Kittys and Batman bedsheets are now switched up with clean, single colored, IKEA ones. We removed our Simple Plan posters, and hang up fine art we buy from the local art fair.

Growing up is unavoidable, but losing our identity don’t have to be necessary. We talked to Shinro, an interior design student, and got some tips from her on how to still make your teenhood memento fit in to your current minimalist home decor without making too much of a mess.

Frame up your limited edition Marvel posters
When we were 16, collage was so fetch. We all would just kinda use bluetac to stick our posters on the wall, which naturally makes it seems unfinished or “unprofessional”. Frame the posters up in neutral coloured frames (or a solid colour/texture that is part of your colour scheme). Avoid frames with carvings or intricate designs as this can make it look too busy. The focus in on the poster after all!

Use old toys as cool table decors
Some toys like wooden trains/cars, animals/dinosaurs, and especially Lego figures can look pretty cool and add on a quirky accent to your room. Make sure you place them strategically, such as next to a photo frame or a flower vase. If you want them to look more “grown up”, you could always spray paint it silver or gold (whatever matches your room). You can include stuffed toys as well (keep the medium sized ones on your bed), but pick your favourite 2-3 as any more will make your room look kiddish.

Collage or frame up your Polaroids
Pinning them on your vanity mirror or on fairy lights is quite common, but can be quite girly (boys save polaroids too!). Pin them up in a big frame like this. Something about frames are just super matured!

Displaying certs and achievements
Instead of chucking them in a boring glass display cabinet that will end up getting dusty anyways,  arrange them on wall mounted shelves that are easy to install (you can buy and DIY these from IKEA). I recommend displaying this shelf life of achievements above your work desk, and complement them with some of your favourite books.

Thread together your old friendship bracelets
This long string of bracelets can be used to tie curtains, or sewn together to make a hanging curtain/room divider. Best used against white curtains or walls so they will pop. Old hairbands, jewelry, button badges or pins can also be used. 

Repurpose your old bedsheets and graphic T’s
You can turn these sentimental items into a collaged duvet, a pillowcase, or again, framed up as a piece of wall art. That way, you can have them all on display at once, and get rid of the extra parts to save space for more adult items. 

Turn old casette tapes or anything transparent into a super cool lampshade
Get down to art and crafty and make a lampshade from your casette tapes! It adds a sense of 90s nostalgia to your room while looking artsy at the same time. You can also turn your old floppy disk into stationery stand or flower pots.



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